CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research - Physics Department - DT


Group Leader : M. Capeans

Deputy Group Leader: A. Catinaccio

The group comprises 6 sections. Most of the projects involve people from several sections. For more details about the section activities and the personnel, click on the links below. 
Section Description Leader
PH-DT-EO Engineering Office A. Catinaccio
PH-DT-DI Detector Infrastructures M. Capeans
PH-DT-TP Technology and Physics B.Schmidt
PH-DT-DD Detector Development M.Moll
PH-DT-EM1 Engineering & Mechanics 1 A.Onnela
PH-DT-EM2 Engineering & Mechanics 2 H.Danielsson

Person in charge of group safety matters: M. Hatch