CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research - Physics Department - DT

Detector Technology (DT)

The mandate of the PH-DT group comprises development, construction, operation and maintenance of particle detectors for the experiments at CERN. The group clusters common services and infrastructure which are available to all experiments at CERN, e.g. gas system support, thin film lab, silicon facility with bond lab, irradiation facilities, magnet support, B-field mapping, instrumentation and controls.

The group’s activities are concentrated in four areas:

    1. Completion and consolidation of the ongoing LHC projects;
    2. Maintenance and operation: 'on-call' services, shutdown and preventive maintenance, repairs and infrastructure support;
    3. New detector projects: participation in new developments (LHC upgrade, non-LHC experiments); 
    4. R&D: participation in common R&D activities in strategic fields.

Presently and for the near future about 60% of the resources are allocated to the LHC activities of the first two items.